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May 28 2016

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So gangsta IT hurts.

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May 23 2016

May 14 2016

Claude Shannon, the Father of the Information Age, Turns 1100100
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May 06 2016

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April 21 2016

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April 19 2016

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March 30 2016

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March 19 2016

I'm a developer in Windows and contribute to the NT kernel. (Proof: the SHA1 hash of revision #102 of [Edit: filename redacted] is [Edit: hash redacted].) I'm posting through Tor for obvious reasons.

Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is worsening. The cause of the problem is social. There's almost none of the improvement for its own sake, for the sake of glory, that you see in the Linux world.

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March 12 2016

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February 11 2016

<kmc> I like telling people who've only used high level languages about the bizarre forms of undefined behavior in C, and then ending it with "this language and its relatives are used for most systems in planes, cars, medical devices, nuclear reactors, etc."
QDB: Quote #310171
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February 10 2016

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February 08 2016

January 21 2016

January 19 2016

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software developer job ads
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November 17 2015

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November 06 2015

Working with legacy CSS

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